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Reviews of our Fire Pits and Grilling Accessories

Adam B

Firebuggz Customer

I ran over my daughters fire fishing pole. Now having a not so happy girl I emailed Firebuggz looking for replacement parts. Tara got back to me right away with her condolences about the accident. She offered to send me a whole new pole at which I just requested the broken part. After giving my address I arrived home today to find a whole new pole. Brings a smile to my face knowing how nice of customer service that is. Class A plus company. I will definitely be buying more fishing poles for my one year olds. Great working with you. Take care and keep it up with the awesome products.

Jenni B

Firebuggz Customer

We love our fire pit. Several years later we still talk about how much we love the design of it. We also love the cover and the trays that come in and out. We used to look for them at the State Fair every year to see what new thing we could add to our fire pit from them. :)

Brent L

Firebuggz Customer

Great product for getting the family together around the campfire.

Holly W

Firebuggz Customer

Our fire fishing pole was a hit at our camping weekend! The kids even roasted Starburst candy on it. They took it tonight to a sleepover where a campfire was planned.

Lora H

Firebuggz Customer

I absolutely love the Firebuggz cooking accessories. We have two of the reach n roll camp fire roasters and two of the fire fishing poles and they are always a blast to use..

Jeff T

Firebuggz Customer

I just received one of your fishing pole marshmallow cookers for my birthday gift, and used it with the grandkids. Awesome idea! Will want more in the future.

Good idea to get people out of the computer room and back into nature. Life is too short not to have fun!.

Rob S

Firebuggz Customer

I just wanted to drop you a note concerning the firepit cover I ordered on Thursday. You promised it would be here by today, Monday. Imagine my surprise when it showed on Friday - the very next day! It's exactly what I expected and works perfectly.

I won't hesitate to buy your products in the future, reccomend them to friends and will surely emphasize your wonderful customer service and personal attention.
Well done and have a great holiday!.

Judy F

Firebuggz Customer

Love the marshmallow roasters!! It will sure make a fun gift! I can't believe I just called a number in a magazine. Thank you again!

Peggy B

Firebuggz Customer

I want to commend you on your wonderful customer service. On Dec. 7 I mistakenly ordered 4 of your roasting fishing poles instead of two. I called this morning, got a real person without even being put on hold, and was told you had already figured out that something might be wrong and were going to email me about it. There was no question about canceling the extra order. It is so nice to have everything taken care of so easily (sometimes seems like a lost art these days). I would recommend your products to anyone.

Mike C

Firebuggz Customer

Just wanted to thank you for the fire pit cover you made for us, it's perfect and I am glad you suggested the external handles. I also wanted to say thanks for the sample of your fire fishing pole, my wife had seen them on "Daily Grommet" then checked them out at your website we will be placing an order for more. our grandson will have a blast cooking his marshmallows.

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